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With so many fad diets and gimmicks on the market, navigating the prospect of losing weight can be intimidating. With the help of a doctor at Sugar Land Medical & Aesthetics in Sugar Land, Texas, you can develop a customized medical weight loss plan that is likely to be effective if you follow it correctly. Call or schedule an appointment online today to find out more about medical weight loss.

Weight Loss Q & A

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What is medical weight loss?

Medical weight loss, or physician-assisted weight loss, is a weight loss program that is custom created by a doctor to fit your physiology and goals. Your doctor assesses your current body mass index (BMI) and medical history to create a multifaceted plan that fits your needs. She might recommend a change in diet, a certain amount of exercise, prescription medications, or other methods.

No matter how many changes your doctor suggests you make, you’ll need to follow your custom weight loss plan exactly how your doctor instructs in order to achieve the best results. You will also need to visit the office for regular appointments so that your doctor can monitor your weight loss and make any needed changes to your plan.

What are the benefits of choosing medical weight loss?

Most benefits of choosing medical weight loss stem from having a medical expert creating and monitoring your progress. Unlike other weight loss methods, medical weight loss is future-oriented and aims to keep the weight off after it is lost. Other benefits to choosing medical weight loss include:

  • Taking psychological dependencies and mental health into consideration
  • Access to helpful prescriptions
  • Diagnosis and treatment of weight-related illnesses
  • Creating long-term goals
  • Monitoring and quickly changing unsafe aspects of the plan

With the help of a doctor, your weight loss plan has a much higher likelihood of having permanent results. It’ll take more time for you to lose weight than with some fad diets, but you won’t gain the weight back immediately and you’ll be sure that your diet is truly healthy.

What might my doctor recommend?

Your doctor will compose your personalized weight loss plan with multiple methods. These include:

  • Hormone control
  • Regular Lipo B Injections
  • Plant protein diet
  • Prescription drugs
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Exercise plan

The steps included in your plan depend on many aspects of your current and past health, so it’s important for you to be transparent while discussing your medical history with your provider. Once your plan is developed, you’ll need to stick to it religiously so that you make progress and your physician can make necessary changes if the plan isn’t working properly.

If you want to lose weight with a holistic, physician-supervised plan and keep it off, call or schedule a consultation online at Sugar Land Medical & Aesthetics in Sugar Land, Texas, to learn more about medical weight loss.