Well Women Exams


Well woman exams promote healthy living for women of all ages. These exams are the foundation for wellness, health promotion and disease identification and management throughout your life. It is no secret that healthy living and early detection of disease increases not only your length of life but, more importantly, your quality of living.

The well women exam includes an overview of your health history, and a physical and breast exam, pelvic exam and an assessment for other health problems. Please remember to discuss all healthcare issues with Dr. Renu or Dr. Aparna during this exam.

What to Expect During Your Well-Woman Exam?

A well-woman exam is an annual preventive screening of breast and gynecological diseases. During the visit, your doctor will discuss your health and lifestyle behaviors and will perform a physical exam of your pelvis and breasts.

Why is a well-woman exam important?

Well-woman exams are an important part of preventive care. These exams are the first step in wellness  and the early detection of disease, which may help increase your length of life but and your quality of living.

How often should I have a well-woman exam?

Starting at age 21, well-woman exams should be performed yearly. It is recommended that the first visit occur in the

mid- to late-teens.

What questions will I be asked during my well-woman exam?

During the well-woman exam, the doctor will ask the following:  

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Sexual practices
  • Menstrual cycles

What does a well-woman exam include?  

Your doctor will conduct the following during the well-woman exam:

  • Breast exam – depending on age, a mammogram or bone density scan may be ordered.
  • Pelvic exam – depending on age, a Pap smear and possibly a test for the human Papilloma virus (HPV) may be performed.

Will I experience any pain during the exam? 

Although some women experience some discomfort during the pelvic exam, it should not be painful.

What happens during the clinical breast exam?

The breasts are inspected for changes in shape, skin texture and nipple discharge and lumps.

What happens during the gynecological exam?  

The labia and vagina are inspected for appropriate estrogen effects, lesions or discharge. A speculum, a medical tool for investigating body cavities, is placed in the vagina to evaluate the upper vagina and cervix and to perform a Pap smear.

Cultures may also be obtained to screen for sexually transmitted diseases depending on age and other circumstances. An exam is then performed to examine the uterus and ovaries.



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